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Brazil Convention Larry Wood 40 Years Of Design A-Ok™

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    This special vehicle is a fitting tribute to Larry Wood’s 40th anniversary with Hot Wheels®. On his first day at Mattel in 1969, Larry drove his Model A pickup into the parking lot and spotted a similar looking Model A sedan delivery. The sedan’s owner soon became Larry’s best friend, and in 1978 he designed the A-OK™ as a nod to his buddy’s car. Thirty years later, Larry hand-selected the A-OK™ as an online-exclusive vehicle, and created the deco as a tribute to the Early Times Car Club, of which he is a long-time member.

    This car is a continuation of the Hot Wheels® Early Times Car Club vehicles that have become popular collectibles over the years. It rides with a metal flake purple finish, die-cast chassis, chrome engine and grille, purple interior, “Early Times Car Club” tampo on the sides, and chrome deep-dish Real Riders® wheels with red stripe.

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