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Hot Wheels® Marvel™ Daredevil™ Character Car VS Punisher™ Character Car Set

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    Hell’s Kitchen. It’s New York City’s boiling pot for trouble—but it’s Daredevil’s beat. When The Punisher comes in with his “destroy ’em all” approach, things get even hotter.

    This San Diego Comic-Con set commemorates that heroic clash with two premium edition Hot Wheels character cars: Daredevil and The Punisher. Sealed in a protective acrylic case, the cars feature Real Riders wheels and are perched on top of an NYC building with a 3D city skyline backdrop. With the press of a button, the building’s window lights up, flashing from red to white, to reveal a glimpse of Daredevil’s battle with The Punisher inside. The packaging art was created by comic book illustrator Alex Maleev!

    © 2016 MARVEL.

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    SKU #: DMJ04
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