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    What is the Hot Wheels® Red Line Club®?

    The Hot Wheels® Red Line Club® (RLC) is an annual premium membership for members of (HWC). For a membership fee of USD $29.99 (plus shipping, processing, and tax), RLC members enjoy valuable features and exclusive products not available to other HWC members.

    What do I get with my membership?

    Members receive a membership kit including a limited edition, Club-exclusive Hot Wheels® car and a Club-exclusive commemorative button. Members also receive a commemorative 2020 patch. All members also get early access to select sales and Club-only content, like previews of upcoming vehicles and RLC-Only features. Please see the Membership Benefits section below for more details.

    Am I eligible to join the Club?

    You're eligible to join if you're at least 18 years old on the date you purchase your membership and have a valid credit card. (Sorry, we can't accept checks or money orders.) Membership in the RLC is available to residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and territories of the United States, Canada, and any of the countries listed here. ("eligible billing and shipping addresses"). If you have an eligible billing address but not an eligible shipping address, you, at your sole cost and sole risk, may engage a third-party shipper located at an eligible shipping address to receive and forward physical items shipped by us, provided that the third-party shipper does not forward the items to a Prohibited Country. At its sole discretion, Mattel may modify which countries are included as Prohibited Countries.

    How do I join the Club?

    First, you'll need a basic membership at – it's easy and free to get one! Just click here to register, and provide a valid email address and agree to the posted terms and conditions. Once you have an active user name and password, you can sign in and purchase your RLC Membership HERE.

    When will I receive my membership kit?

    As soon as you purchase your RLC membership, you'll be given access to the RLC members-only areas of Your credit card will be charged for the membership fee when your membership kit is shipped to you. This will normally take a couple of months until all the elements are prepared.

    Am I guaranteed the chance to purchase each version of the RLC and HWC Exclusive cars?

    Since all the cars offered as RLC Exclusive and HWC Special Edition cars (and most other cars we offer) are limited in the quantities produced, we can't guarantee every RLC member will be able to purchase each one of the cars. Your membership does include access to an RLC Priority Window that gives you the chance to purchase most of the cars we offer on HWC before non-RLC members. Note that the Priority Window time may vary (usually 24 to 36 hours), but it only lasts as long as the item remains available; once the item has sold out, the Priority Window ends.

    Additionally, RLC members have the chance to purchase RLC Exclusive cars – available ONLY to RLC members. This includes the RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs® cars we offer ONLY to RLC members for a limited time each year. We produce only the quantity ordered by members, so as long as you place an order for a sELECTIONs® car within the RLC Priority Window for ordering, you'll receive one.

    NOTE: RLC membership only guarantees the opportunity to purchase any item we offer; it does NOT guarantee an actual purchase. Also, having an item in your Shopping Cart does NOT guarantee the item is still available and does NOT guarantee an actual purchase. Your purchase is only confirmed once you have both completed your Shop transaction AND received an order number.

    Can I order by phone or fax?

    We only accept orders for RLC memberships and the RLC and HWC Special Edition cars at, but it's quick and secure.

    Can I get a replacement vehicle if there's something wrong with one of the RLC Exclusive cars, HWC Special Edition cars or other exclusive cars or online offers that I receive?

    Since our cars are limited in numbers, we can't guarantee availability of replacement cars to send to people who received damaged merchandise. If we can't offer an exchange, we're happy to offer full refunds to customers who promptly return the damaged merchandise.

    Can my membership be suspended?

    All club members are expected to follow the Membership Agreement. In rare cases, and at Mattel's sole discretion, violations of the Membership Agreement can be considered cause to suspend your access permanently from the RLC member areas, and/or access to Also, in cases of extreme or repeated misconduct (as determined solely by Mattel), your membership and all club benefits (including, but not limited to, accrued Reward credits, pending orders or backorders, and all other transaction-related activity) may be terminated without refund or credit.


    What do I get by becoming a member?

    • Limited Edition Club-Exclusive Hot Wheels® Car and more (Membership kit): You'll receive a membership kit that includes a limited edition Club-exclusive die-cast car and a Club-exclusive commemorative button. You will also receive a 2020 RLC commemorative patch.
    • Access to RLC Exclusive Editions: RLC members will have exclusive access to purchase limited edition offers released ONLY to the RLC throughout the membership year. You must be a member to purchase these cars. Since these highly collectible pieces have limited production runs, they can sell out fast.
    • Priority Access to HWC Offers: RLC members will have an exclusive Priority Window of time (at least 24 hours before non-RLC members) to purchase certain exclusive cars promoted on that will be released throughout the membership year. In the News article for each sale, we'll specify when the Priority Window begins. It's possible that not every RLC member will be able to purchase any cars during the Priority Window if there were a greater number of members ordering cars than the number of cars produced. Should any inventory remain after the Priority Window, the cars may become available to non-RLC members to purchase. Unless made-to-order, all items are limited in production.
    • RLC Rewards Program: RLC members are automatically enrolled in the RLC Rewards program. During the Rewards earning period throughout the year, members earn points on most HWC items. Rewards points are earned on retail price product purchases and exclude dollars spent on tax, shipping, and membership fees. Rewards points may not appear in member accounts until items purchased successfully ship. You'll have the opportunity to redeem the Rewards Points you accumulate during a redemption period in late 2020. However, RLC membership does NOT guarantee you will be able to redeem the Rewards Points you earn.
    • Exclusive Members-Only Content: RLC members get access to members-only sections of the HWC site. Along with exclusive RLC Previews (exclusive photos), this section features exclusive articles and interviews initially available to RLC members but not the broader HWC community.
    • Free Shipping on orders over $49. RLC members receive free domestic ground shipping on all orders from the HWC site over $49. Free shipping offer is valid on orders totaling $49 or more after discounts and before shipping, handling, and taxes are added, and applies automatically at checkout. Members must select standard shipping to qualify. This offer excludes shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, international, PO Box, and APO/FPO addresses. Free shipping not eligible on initial RLC membership purchase and will apply to purchases made thereafter. This offer expires when the 2020 RLC memberships expire.


    How long is the membership valid?

    Regardless of when you purchase your membership during the year, you'll enjoy all the great benefits described above until the memberships expire right before we offer memberships for the following year. Plans for the following year's memberships will be announced late in the current year or very early in the following year, unless otherwise specified.