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HWC 50th Anniversary Master Set

Ages: For the adult collector
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  • Product Features

    Hopefully you've enjoyed our monumental 50th Anniversary celebration of Hot Wheels. We knew this year had to be special, and we released plenty of product for the milestone. Want all 111 cars? This massive HWC 50th Anniversary Master Set has them! Complete your collection.

    Hot Wheels has always kept the pedal to the metal, and this year touched on our entire heritage as we accelerate beyond our golden jubilee.


    • RLC Members (36-hour Priority Window): 12/11 at 9 a.m. PT  until 12/12 at 9 p.m. PT
    • HWC Account Holders (if not sold out): 12/13 at 9 a.m. PT

    Pricing and Purchase Limits:

    • Priced at $399.99 plus shipping and processing each; customers shipping to Canada may be required to pay an additional shipping charge or taxes. We do offer international shipping to some countries; for the list of available countries and more shipping options and info, click here.
    • Limit of ONE (1) per RLC Membership
    • On 12/6, unless sold out, there is a limit of ONE (1) per HWC Account, and RLC Members can purchase their limit of ONE (1) if they did not do so during the Priority Window. (Purchase limits subject to change after RLC Priority Window.)
    • Rewards Points for RLC Members (per purchase): 0
    • Refunds only, no exchanges.

    Packaging and Quantities:

    • Packaged in a large, beautiful case, the set consists of several individual cartons, some of which are single and some of which are fold-open.
    • Each set features an individually numbered sticker (xxx/1,250)

    • HW 50th Mainline Race Team Mini Collection
      The Mainline is the core of our brand each year. Designed to race, Hot Wheels continues at a pulse-pounding pace! This Mini Collection of 15 cars comes with special wheels, the 50th Anniversary Race Team deco, and recolors. It's packed in a fold-open carton for the set.
    • HW 50th Throwback Collection: In this series, we took a look back at some of our finest machines of the last few years. Check out 20 memorable rides! This is packed in a fold-open carton for the set.
    • HW 50th Throwback 10-Pack: We know you can't get enough of our best Hot Wheels history, so we added a special 10-pack for the Throwbacks. Throw it into overdrive with these additional editions!
    • HW 50th Originals Collection: This special series of five cars pays tribute to the original 16 Hot Wheels releases in 1968. With “candy-coat” Spectraflame finish, Redline wheels, and a button in vintage packaging, it’s like going back 50 years in time. For the set, they're in a fold-open carton.
    • HW 50th Anniversary Favorites: Not only do we know collectors, but we also have the attitude to make car lovers' motors run. This series was loaded with some of our best-loved recent castings, including a Kroger-exclusive variation ’55 Chevy® Bel Air Gasser. It's packed in a fold-open carton.
    • HW 50th Track Stars 5-Pack: Our 5-packs offer a thrilling, themed set, and they’ve become a staple of the Hot Wheels stable every year. This collection of Track Stars includes cars built for insane speed on our orange track!
    • HW 50th Anniversary 10-Pack: Twice the fun of a 5-Pack, these have been Hot Wheels’ way of helping your collection grow in leaps and bounds. Don't miss the exclusive ’55 Chevy® Bel Air® Gasser in this one!
    • HW 50th Black & Gold Collection: You can't celebrate a 50th Anniversary without a little gold. With matte black finishes and gold VUM hubcaps and engines, this series screams style and class! Includes the ’67 Camaro® chase car in gold chrome finish.
    • HW 50th ZAMAC Flames Collection: Our ZAMAC editions have hidden in plain sight for years, unpainted treasures. It’s pure muscle and flames! We trust you don’t need a primer on this eight-car set of some of our most popular castings.
    • HW 50th Stars and Stripes Collection: Hot Wheels salutes its domestic car heritage with this All-American themed 10-car set. It features U.S. flag colors, stars and stripes, and spells out "HOT WHEELS" with the 50th logo when all the cars are placed together from 1 through 10.
    • Production car may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.
    SKU #: FWN23
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