Collecting 101

Anybody can be a collector. The passion will drive you further!

While every Hot Wheels® collection is different, there is no wrong way to collect. Here are a few of the most popular ways to collect Hot Wheels® cars.

It's easy. Start buying, and just like that- you're a collector. Any car, color, series, year, or even the new Hot Wheels® curated mini collections. Use one of our themes, or make up your own, and create your own unique collection. Welcome to the club!

Hidden in the Hot Wheels® Basic Cars are limited-run special cars.

These hard-to-find cars have a circle flame logo hidden somewhere on the car's paint job as behind the car on the blister card.


Hidden in the Hot Wheels® Basic Cars are limited-run special cars.

These even harder-to-find Hot Wheels® are upgraded versions of mainline cars, with Spectraflame™ paint, Real Riders® wheels and a coveted “TH” hidden on the car deco. Embrace THe chase!

The ultimate Hot Wheels® cars for the ultimate collector! These extremely limited high-end cars are only available on and feature die-cast bodies, die-cast chassis and exclusive hand-polished chrome Spectraflame™ paint.
Vehicles feature either Neo-Classics® Redline wheels or Real Riders® tires, and many have opening features like engine hoods, rear hatches, etc.

The Hot Wheels® Premium assortments feature superior attention to detail with die-cast bodies, die-cast chassis and Real Riders® Wheels. Premium cars come in three varieties: Car Culture for vehicle aficionados, Pop Culture for the brand lover and Replica Entertainment for the film and media buffs.

Not all retailers are created equal. Some vehicles, and even series, are only available at certain retailers. Explore new stores every day because variety is the spice of a collector's life!

Some cars change during production due to manufacturing constraints; molding may be altered, wheels swapped out, decos varied, etc. Whatever the change, the rarer the variation, the more valuable it is. So go find the change you seek.

For history buffs who celebrate Redlines and the original Sweet 16™, vintage Hot Wheels® are key. Rule of thumb: Old is rare, rare is valuable and value varies based on condition. So, hit up flea markets, garage sales, conventions, etc., and keep an eye out for these rare treasures!

There are countless other varieties of Hot Wheels® to collect like ZAMACs, First Editions, Customs, Event Cars, and MORE. This is just the starting line. So get out there and COLLECT ‘EM ALL!!