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Image for HW RLC ROCKET BYE BABY from Mattel

HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™ Rocket-Bye-Baby™

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    They say good things come to those who wait, but even we thought 37 years might be stretching it. Then, we took a look at the new HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™ Rocket-Bye-Baby™ and all was forgiven! First launched in 1971 (with just one re-release in 1972), the Rocket-Bye-Baby™ comes hurling through space and time for a first-ever Neo-Classics™ update.

    The Rocket-Bye-Baby™ debuted in 1971, an original design from creative genius Bob Lovejoy. Bob worked side-by-side with Larry Wood to develop early Hot Wheels® favorites like the Rrrumblers and Chopcycles lines. Bob was also a freak for anything aeronautic and left Mattel to design what many consider the quintessential ultralight glider, the Quicksilver. Tragically, Bob died young in a flying accident, but his legacy lives on in the Rocket-Bye-Baby™. Propelled by a complete makeover for 2009, our updated version is boldly finished in Spectraflame® antifreeze and features Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels.

    • Tail pipes slide back and open air brakes on sides of car
    • Spectraflame® antifreeze finish
    • Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels
    • Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and rocket
    • Clear windshield
    • VUM interior

    SKU #: P2140
    • Body Color: Spectraflame® Antifreeze
    • Body Type: Metal
    • Deco:  
    • Wheel Type: NCRL (Neo-Classics Redline 5-spoke wheels)
    • Features:  
    • Base Color: Chrome-Plated
    • Base Type: Metal
    • Window Color: Clear
    • Interior Color: Silver
    • Notes: Tail pipes slide back and open air brakes on sides of car. Base also features 2008, copyright year of retooled casting. Limited to no more than 6,500 pieces.
    SKU #: P2140
    • Casting Name: Rocket-Bye-Baby™
    • Series Name: HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™
    • Casting Designer:  
    • Copyright Year: 1970
    • Release Date: 4/28/2009
    • Production Quantity:  
    • Packaging: HWC™ Neo-Classics blister
    • Country of Origin: China


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