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HWC 2018 Super Treasure Hunt Set

Ages: For the adult collector
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    A cornerstone of Hot Wheels collecting, the Treasure Hunt editions debuted in 1995. It's been 23 years, and they're still some of the most sought-after Hot Wheels each year. Added in 2007, the Super Treasure Hunts are super hard to find, but we've got you covered! Get all 15 Super T-Hunts for last year in our HWC 2018 Super Treasure Hunt Set.

    The set features striking packaging modeled after a vintage gas pump. Instead of gas, this one just folds open to pump out 15 gorgeous editions worthy of such a clever and notable container. We'll also include a gift with purchase on this one... We're so sure you'll want it that we can feel it in our bones.

    Every set is filled with one each of the following:

    • '52 Chevy®
    • '68 Chevy® Nova™
    • '68 Mustang
    • '70 Ford Escort RS1600
    • 2015 Ford Mustang GT
    • '17 Audi RS6 Avant
    • 2017 Camaro® ZL1™
    • Aventador Miura Homage
    • Cruella de Vil
    • Datsun 620
    • Fiat 500
    • Indy 500® Oval
    • King Kuda™
    • Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R
    • Porsche 934.5

    Packaging and Quantities:

    • Packaged in a fold-open case reminiscent of the vintage gas station decoration in the Hot Wheels Design Center, the set consists of all 15 Super Treasure Hunt editions from 2018.
    • Each set features an individually numbered sticker (xxx/1,200)

    SKU #: FPN16

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