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HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™ Olds™ 442™ (Security Car)

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    Here at Mattel, we count on a highly-trained security team to keep our trade secrets (and us) safe and sound. Now, with the release of the HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™ Olds™ 442™, we give these unsung heroes their well-deserved props!

    This version of the Olds™ originally reported for duty in 1976, but it was given the complete Neo-Classics™ makeover for our very special release. First, Spectraflame® red was applied to the roof, hood, and trunk. Then it was dressed in a uniform of double white stripes on the hood. Next came a red “Tower Dispatched” deco on the rear fenders (an homage to the Tower, the main building on the Mattel corporate campus and home to the security team); authentic Red Line Club™ logo behind the front tire; and finally, “Security,” “El Segundo, CA,” and “Mattel Inc., Toymakers” on the doors. Finish it all off with blue sirens on the roof, black grille inserts and black stripes on the sides, and you’ve got a vehicle so hot, it should be illegal!

    • Spectraflame® red finish w/white
    • Mattel logo and “Security” on sides
    • Neo-Classics™ Redlines® wheels
    • Full-metal, polished, chrome-plated chassis
    • Black interior
    • Blue-tinted windshield

    The HWC™ Series Eight Neo-Classics™ Olds™ 442™ comes with an individually numbered holographic sticker and ships in a Hot Wheels® Kar Keepers™ case.

    SKU #: P2139

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