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HWC 2013 Super Treasure Hunt Set

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    You don’t have to hunt anymore. We’re sure you’ve looked far and wide for your 2013 Treasure Hunts, but here’s what you really want to find: the HWC 2013 Super Treasure Hunt Set! This beautiful set includes one each of all 15 Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt cars from 2013:

    • Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake (HW Asphalt Assault)
    • ‘72 Ford Ranchero (HW Hot Trucks)
    • ‘10 Toyota Tundra (HW Hot Trucks)
    • Toyota 2000 GT (HW All Stars)
    • ‘69 Camaro convertible (HW Garage)
    • ‘73 Ford Falcon XB (HW Garage)
    • ‘62 Corvette (HW Corvette 60th Anniversary)
    • ‘09 Corvette ZR1 (HW Corvette 60th Anniversary)
    • ‘71 Dodge Demon (HW Collectors Choice: Heat Fleet)
    • ‘07 Ford Mustang (HW Then and Now)
    • ‘72 Ford Gran Torino Sport (HW Performance: Muscle)
    • ‘67 Camaro (HW Performance: Muscle)
    • Bone Shaker (HW Showroom: American Turbo)
    • ‘71 El Camino (HW Showroom: Muscle Mania)
    • ‘64 Buick Riviera (HW Showroom: Muscle Mania)

    Packaging and Quantities:

    • Two-panel collector box with embossed leather look
    • Individually numbered sticker (xxxx/2,000)

    SKU #: Y0469


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