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Image for RLC IRON MAN & HULK BUSTER 2-PACK from Mattel
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Hot Wheels Marvel® Iron Man & Hulk Buster Vehicles

Ages: For the adult collector
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    Inspired by the armors Iron Man uses to knock out Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this Character Car twosome packs a super-powerful punch!


    • Body Color: Spectraflame red
    • Deco:Spectraflame gold mask, gray trim elements
    • Body Type: ZAMAC
    • Wheels: Iron Man - Real Riders 5-spoke mag wheels
      Hulk Buster - Real Riders off-road 5-spoke wheels
    • Base: Full-metal, hand-polished ZAMAC chassis
    • Window Color: Blue-tinted
    • Interior Color: Iron Man - Light blue, Hulk Buster - Spectraflame gold


    • Packed in an acrylic case with decorative box

    • © 2017 MARVEL
    SKU #: DMH93


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