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2011 Treasure Hunt Set

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    How awesome is it when you enter your favorite toy retailer searching for a Treasure Hunt car and you actually find one?! Or better yet, it’s a Trea$ure Hunt$ car! But when you’re on the search and you don’t find anything, well, that’s best described as a real bummer. Here at HWC.com, there will be no bummers because here’s your chance to own all the 2011 T-Hunts when you purchase the complete 2011 Treasure Hunt Set!

    For 2011, the set features a handsome leather-look tri-fold case that holds all 15 of the 2011 Treasure Hunt cars, plus all 15 of the 2011 Trea$ure Hunt$ cars with special finishes and Real Riders® wheels. Yep, that’s a total of 30 cars, so this year’s set is bigger than ever before! Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity, it’s even more spectacular than we can possibly show here. Each set is individually numbered, with no more than 2,200 sets being produced. Open it up and here are the vehicles you find safely tucked inside (one Treasure Hunt and one Trea$ure Hunt$ of each):

    • Tucker Torpedo
    • ‘57 Chevy
    • ‘58 Impala
    • Custom ‘62 Chevy
    • Studebaker Avanti
    • ‘63 T-Bird
    • ‘64 Pontiac GTO
    • ‘68 Olds 442
    • ‘Corvette Grand Sport
    • ‘71 Mustang Funny Car
    • ‘71 Buick Riviera
    • Datsun 240Z
    • ‘80 El Camino
    • OCC Splitback
    • ‘59 Chevy

    Production set may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

    SKU #: V0514


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