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Image for RLC IRON MAN & HULK BUSTER 2-PACK from Mattel

Hot Wheels Marvel® Iron Man & Hulk Buster Vehicles

Ages: For the adult collector
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  • Product Features


    • RLC 48-hour Priority Window: 7/18 at 9 a.m. PT
    • Everyone (if not sold out): 7/20 at 9 a.m. PT
    • Pricing and Purchase Limits:

    • Priced at $34.99 plus shipping and processing each
    • Limit of TWO of each car per RLC membership during the RLC 48-hour Priority Window starting on 7/18
    • RLC members earn three (3) Rewards Points when purchasing this item during the RLC 48-hour Priority Window
    • On 7/20, anyone can buy a limit of TWO of each car per order (which means RLC members can buy two more if they already purchased two during the Priority Window)
    • If quantities remain after 7/20, all limits and restrictions will be removed for anyone to buy until sold out
    • Specifications:

      • Body Color: Spectraflame red
      • Deco:Spectraflame gold mask, gray trim elements
      • Body Type: ZAMAC
      • Wheels: Iron Man - Real Riders 5-spoke mag wheels
        Hulk Buster - Real Riders off-road 5-spoke wheels
      • Base: Full-metal, hand-polished ZAMAC chassis
      • Window Color: Blue-tinted
      • Interior Color: Iron Man - Light blue, Hulk Buster - Spectraflame gold


      • Packed in an acrylic case with decorative box

      • © 2017 MARVEL
      SKU #: DMH93
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