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Image for HWC S7 RR EVIL WEEVIL from Mattel

HWC™ Series Seven Real Riders® Evil Weevil™

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    Since its retooling for 2004, it’s become sort of an infestation here at HWC™—the big little bug with the dual engines. in 2008, the Evil Weevil™ returned in a modified version sans sun roof—you know… to keep the bugs out! The pesky critter joined the HWC™ Series Seven Real Riders® line.

    Removing the sun roof allows for a full display of deco on this casting, and this Spectraflame® pink and purple Evil Weevil™ does not disappoint. Complete with full-metal chrome-plated chassis and engines, this edition features Real Riders® deep-dish wheels in front, and Real Riders® off-road wheels in back—all featuring red stripe tampo.

    • Spectraflame® pink finish
    • Spectraflame® purple stripes and fenders
    • Evil Weevil logo on sides
    • Real Riders® deep-dish wheels with red stripes in front
    • Real Riders® off-road wheels with red stripes in back
    • Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and engines
    • Charcoal-tinted windshield

    SKU #: L8691
    • Body Color: Spectraflame® Pink/Spectraflame® Purple
    • Body Type: Metal
    • Deco: Purple, pink and white scalloping on sides with “EVIL WEEVIL” in pink and purple. Dual purple stripes on hood and roof with red and white outlining.
    • Wheel Type: RRdd (Real Riders deep-dish wheels)
    • Features:  
    • Base Color: Chrome-Plated
    • Base Type: Metal
    • Window Color: Charcoal-Tinted
    • Interior Color:  
    • Notes: This version does not have the sun roof. The rear Real Riders® wheels feature the off-road tires. Base also notes 2003, copyright year of retooling. Limited to no more than 10,000 pieces.
    SKU #: L8691
    • Casting Name: Evil Weevil™
    • Series Name: HWC™ Series Seven Real Riders®
    • Casting Designer:  
    • Copyright Year: 1970
    • Release Date: 8/26/2008
    • Production Quantity:  
    • Packaging: HWC™ Real Riders® Blister
    • Country of Origin: China

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