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Image for HW HWC S11 FORD WOODY from Mattel

HWC Series Eleven Neo-Classics ‘31 Ford Woody

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    From the era of wooden ships to the days of wooden wagons, it was a natural progression to wooden horseless carriages. The Woody would become an icon of the automotive industry—and of surf culture. The Hot Wheels edition of the ‘31 Ford Woody was released in 1969, at the height of the surfing craze. Now the surf’s up again as we retooled this classic for the HWC Series Eleven Neo-Classics line!

    This awesome edition is finished in Spectraflame brown and a matte black roof. With Neo-Classics Redline wheels and a full-metal, chrome-plated chassis and engine, this piece will take you right back to the beach. Here are all the specs for this cool release:

    • Spectraflame brown finish
    • Matte black roof
    • Neo-Classics Redline wheels
    • Full-metal, polished-chrome-plated chassis and engine
    • Light blue-tinted windshield
    • Beige interior

    SKU #: X0534
    • Body Color: Spectraflame® Brown
    • Body Type: Metal
    • Deco: Matte black roof.
    • Wheel Type: NCRL (Neo-Classics Redline 5-spoke wheels)
    • Features:  
    • Base Color: Chrome-Plated
    • Base Type: Metal
    • Window Color: Light Blue-Tinted
    • Interior Color: Beige
    • Notes: Chassis also features 2011, copyright year of retooling. Limited to no more than 4,000 pieces.
    SKU #: X0534
    • Casting Name: 1931 Ford Woody
    • Series Name: HWC™ Series Eleven Neo-Classics™
    • Casting Designer:  
    • Copyright Year: 1968
    • Release Date: 3/13/2012
    • Production Quantity:  
    • Packaging: HWC™ blister
    • Country of Origin: China

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