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Image for 1948 Panhead from Mattel

1948 Panhead

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    • Base Type: Metal
    • Body Type: Metal
    • Body Color: Gloss Black
    • Deco: HARLEY-DAVIDSON in red with silver background on sides of gas tank. Flat tan seats on bike and sidecar. Orange on wheel wells and gas tank. Silver-painted headlights, handlebars, etc.
    • Base Color: Gloss Black
    • Notes: * Wheels: Rubber tires with whitewalls, plastic transparent center w/silver-painted rims and spokes.
    SKU #: 50892
    • Casting Name: 1948 Panhead
    • Series Name: Harley-Davidson 4-car set
    • Copyright Year: 2000
    • Release Date: 10/30/2001
    • Country of Origin: China


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