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Hot Wheels™ Drag Strip Pit Crew Shirt

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    You’ve seen them worn at shows and conventions. You’ve wondered where to get one for yourself. When it comes to showing off your Hot Wheels® pride, there’s nothing quite like those shirts emblazoned with the Hot Wheels® logo and flame designs… Now here’s your chance to nab one!

    In this snazzy black shirt, you’ll be designated as part of the Hot Wheels® Drag Strip team by the red and white Hot Wheels® and Drag Strip logos with appliqué fill embroidered on the back. Also displayed prominently on the back in embroidering and appliqué is the Rat Bomb™! With the Hot Wheels® logo embroidered on the front right chest in red, white and black, and a Hot Wheels® Original 68 logo embroidered on the front left chest in red, black and white, you’ll look like an official pit crew member. And the red silk-screened flames on the front, back and sleeves clearly let people know you mean business. Shirt sizes are S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Put it on and get in gear!

    • Purchased from JH Design Group, Inc.

    SKU #: F6712
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